Lifestyle Homes Builder Review

Lifestyle Homes has definitely evolved over the years moving up-wards in the house building price ranges as the demand for more upmarket single storey and affordable two storey home contractors continued in recent years across Perth’s now sprawling suburbs. Lifestyle fills a niche in the Smt Group as its high end home builder. A common theme throughout is the more achieable level of finish and specification especially unique choice of homes attempting to attract a more scary home buyer 1000Pip Builder Forex Signals. But our review isn’t all cookies and cream. If you dig a little deeper into the philosophy of the second end of the Smt choice of contractors you get that Lifestyle are positioning themselves as a builder for not only new subdivisions but also in older areas where demolition of an existing home is becoming popular. Providing a full hand-held service from concept through which managing your block including all the demolition and site preparation to the ultimate ejaculate of going in a brand new home in your favourite location. This offer is sure to entice many buyers to consider enhancing their current lifestyle with a brand spanking new home. So if you love where you live but not where you live in, perhaps it’s time to think about contacting this accomplished builder.

Accomplished they are with several awards in it along with winning two of the very most current awards, the MBA Housing Excellence Award 2010 $280, 000 — $350, 000 and the MBA Housing Excellence Award 2010 $450, 000 — $550, 000. There was a dry spell between awards however these current awards prove that Lifestyle is providing what home buyers are looking for in their new home. Excellence in design and quality of construction.

OK so excellence in design might be too loose a term. The Smt Group is typically filled with single storey home building companies, with Lifestyle really being the only regular two storey builder in their collection. Unfortunately, this generally seems to become exposed in some of their two storey home designs. The Road display home is very safe as a design and although the fit out and design stands out (kudos to the interior decorator! Pssst: it’s worth taking a look at the home purely to see how much difference a great interior decorator can make), the overall floor plan is unimaginative and the street scape lacks that wow factor you should expect. A floor plan looks like it’s ‘design by numbers’ with a very box on box approach and the room interaction is stale. OK so economical design is very important when desigining a price competitive display home, but overall there are opportunities in this design that appear to have been lost. I can’t help but think this home was designed by a single storey specialist trying to changeover into the two storey market.

So what of the single storey choice of homes on offer? Overall they’re what you’d come to expect of a project home builder, and not really much what you’d a cure for in a top quality single storey home. I want to see some more wow in the homes that would give me grounds to open my wallet and spend the some hard earned cash. Perhaps I’m being too critical though, after all they are reasonably priced and have several points of difference in a few of the designs. I think overall it’s the message Lifestyle is sending that is mixed and doesn’t meet the requirement you think of when reading the companies website “individual homes”, “decadent luxury”, “luxury display homes”. I desired to be amazed and excited, but walk away feeling a little melancholy.